Dragon Gate USA “Open The Ultimate Gate” 3/30/12 iPPV Results from Miami, FL

Match #1: I missed the names of both competitors.

Match #2: DJ Hyde defeated Navy Blue (DeSean Bishop in FCW).

Match #3: MK Mckinnan defeated Trent 7.

Main Show

Match #1: AR Fox defeated Rich Swann via Lo Mein Pain in a great match.

CIMA & Ricochet came out for an interview. CIMA apologized to the fans for his neck injury and not being able to compete tonight. He said he and Ricochet are vacating the Open The United Gate Tag Titles. Chuck Taylor & Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano came out. Chuck wanted the belts handed over to him, but Gargano did not want it done that way and said he wanted to win the titles in an actual match. Masato Yoshino came out and said he would replace CIMA in the main event. Yoshino reminds Gargano to not insult him again.

Match #2: Bobby Fish and surprise tag team partner Tommy Dreamer defeated The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) w/Larry Dallas, Amber O’Neal, Sassy Stephie, and Shelley Martinez when Fish made Caleb tap to the FishHook. During the match, in a nod to ECW nostalgia, Dreamer took Amber O’Neal & Sassy Stephie both on “hardcore.” He then piledrove Stephie.

After the match, while the women were checking on Caleb & Scott, Shelley’s posterior was exposed due to a short dress and Dreamer went for her. Shelley jumped on him, but he got her off of him and spanked her.

Match #3: BxB Hulk defeated Sami Callihan via First Flash. Christina Von Eerie came to the entrance way to watch the match. When Sami was about to finish BxB, Von Eerie got on the apron after drinking some of BxB’s wine, and spat it in Sami’s face (showing that she is aligned with Mad Blankey), leading to BxB ending him.

Afterwards, Sami was saying that he shouldn’t trust women, but it doesn’t matter anyway as he is entirely focused on ending Sabu’s career at Mercury Rising. The lights went off and Sabu was in the ring and attacked Sami. Arik and Pinkie ran out for the save, which led to Jon Davis and AR Fox running out to save Sabu. Fox and Sami fought to the back and the next match begun.

Match #4: Jon Davis & Sabu defeated Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez after a double pin from Sabu doing a legdrop onto a bloody Arik Cannon through a table and Davis hitting Three Seconds Around the World on Pinkie.

After the match, Sami came out and attacked Sabu. He wants Sabu to think about tomorrow as Sami promises it will be Sabu’s final match.

Mochizuki vs. Tozawa

Match #5: Masaaki Mochizuki w/CIMA defeated Akira Tozawa w/BxB Hulk & Christina Von Eerie via Sankakugeri kick to the head in an incredibly awesome match.


Match #6: Samuray Del Sol defeated Johnny Vandal via reverse hurricanrana.

Low Ki vs. PAC

Match #7: Low Ki defeated PAC via Warrior’s Way in a great contest.

Post-match, Low Ki called PAC incredible. He called out everyone in DGUSA and EVOLVE to have the quality of performance that he and PAC just had. He wants a World Title made for EVOLVE and he will fight anyone who will challenge him for it when the time comes.

Main Event

Match #8: Ricochet & Masato Yoshino w/CIMA defeated Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor w/Rich Swann to become the third Open The United Gate Tag Team Champions after Yoshino made Taylor tap to Sol Naciente in another great contest.
– Towards the end, Taylor attempted to use one of the titles to get by in the contest

New United Gate Champions

Post-match, after many months, CIMA finally offered Johnny Gargano a handshake and Chuck Taylor attacked both of them and bailed. When everyone recovered, Yoshino asked the crowd if they enjoyed the show and that he loves Miami.

Quick thoughts from JP: Four great matches tonight and some good stuff too. Mochizuki/Tozawa was probably my favorite match of the night, followed by the United Gate Tag Title Match, then Low Ki/PAC, then Swann/Fox. Both tag matches were good stuff, as was BxB/Sami. Definitely worth checking out the replay at http://www.WWNLive.com

Make sure to follow @freeadmissionfr tomorrow for Dragon Gate USA’s “Mercury Rising 2012” results and pictures.


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